you had a choice; you chose not to be free.

A lion does not feel guilty when it kills a gazelle. Right? You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly. And I think that means something. I just think that really means something.” -Chronicle (2012)

Myungsoo’s interpretation of Paradise lyric

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Me as a good friend: *supports and encourages ur hoe activities*


desmond, do this. desmond, do that.


The difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunsets… More spectacular colors as the sun hits the horizon. That’s perhaps my only sin.

Nymphomaniac (2013), a film by Lars von Trier


"They call our powers the Three Ts."

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“There are some things I will never talk about unless I am asked. The pain, or perhaps the memory itself, is too fragile and will never be strong enough to be vocalized. You may see my suffering, but you will not hear of it beyond what I’m willing to show.”

 Feel Good Ache  (via jamstains)